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Automate the Mundane

Removing blisters from boxes by hand is a painstaking process. Let us take care of that for your with one of our solutions.

The Deboxmatic is an automated system for the opening and fast removal of blisters from sealed medication boxes.

Able to unpack any type of medication blisters from both small and extra large boxes at a speed of 20 boxes per minute, it has an unpacking success percentage of over 95% and can hold up to 200 boxes to be automatically processed for unpacking.

With its unique ejection beam, patient information leaflets are also automatically removed. Once blisters have been recovered, they are placed into an automated stacking device which directly loads blisters into a Deblimatic deblistering system.

Deboxing Products

The first step to efficient repackaging is expedient removal of the blisters from their boxes.


Deboxmatic L22

A machine for automatic opening and fast removal of blisters from sealed medication boxes.
  • Improves efficiency
  • Improves safety of staff
  • Automatically stacks unpacked blisters
  • Maximum unpacking speed of 30-40 boxes per/m
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