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May 12, 2022 Louise Laban

Three Reasons to Choose Technology

Louise Laban, Sales and Marketing Director for Centred Solutions, talks through the top three reasons that community pharmacy should consider technology.

A range of technology is available to support pharmacists in making their business more efficient and profitable. Identifying the right solution can help to:

Reduce waste: automating elements of the pharmacy workflow can help to save space, eliminate overstocking and reduce the number of expired medications.

Reduce time spent on logistical tasks: allowing pharmacies to refocus their efforts on private and clinical services will generate more income for their business.

Reduce the risk of errors: technology reduces the risk of human errors and provides additional automated checks, offering a much-needed safety net to staff who are often over stretched.

Here are three ways automation can help address many of the challenges pharmacy faces today:

Improved Inventory Control

Poor inventory control costs pharmacies money through overstocking, expired stock and reduced purchasing power. Centralising the repeat dispensing process with an automated solution allows pharmacy to buy in greater volumes and therefore negotiate better prices, manage stock levels more efficiently and keep track of expiry dates.

Improved Patient Safety

Patient safety can be compromised in the dispensing process due to human interactions and time constraints. Centralising the repeat dispensing process with an automated solution using barcode technology reduces the risk of error. The solution will also provide alerts whenever there is a red flag.

Patients Not Pills

Pharmacists all too often find themselves managing the administration and logistics of the dispensing process rather than spending time at the counter offering advice and support for patients. The remuneration of pharmacy is increasingly more focused on services rather than dispensing volumes.

Centralising the repeat dispensing process with an automated solution can free up valuable clinician time in pharmacy so it can be better spent supporting patients and providing value add services. This means less time spent managing and processing stock and more time getting to know patients.

Community pharmacists are emerging as an increasingly vital part of the healthcare service. Just last month high street pharmacies were ranked the most trusted health sector in a survey of 1,000 UK adults. Edelman’s 2022 global trust barometer for health matters, revealed that 78 per cent of those asked said they trusted their local pharmacy.

Since the pandemic pharmacy has become the first line of defence for healthcare with pharmacists spending more time with patients than ever before. Local pharmacies are now vital healthcare destinations for patients. As such, pharmacies need to adopt the right technology to enable them to provide convenient, personalised care to patients, optimized workflows to better handle the growing demands of patient care and the ability to offer private services which will help grow their business.

Find out how Centred Solution’s hub and spoke repeat dispensing technology can help reduce time spent on dispensing and increase the time spent on patient care.

Published by Louise Laban May 12, 2022
Louise Laban