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Intelligent Prescription Processing

IPP-M3 is a class-leading, fully automated pharmacy dispensing system. Our state-of-the-art robotic technology automatically labels original packs for patient scripts with unparalleled accuracy, speed and quality levels.

IPP-M3 benefits

  • Unmatched accuracy, speed, efficiency and reliability
  • Significant operating cost efficiencies
  • Increased profitability for pharmacy owners
  • Precisely sorts and accurately bags individual prescriptions
  • Redundancy at every critical functional location.

IPP-M3 process

  • Inventory picked from the WMS or delivered from the wholesaler in ready to pack totes
  • Items singulated on a belt, scanned and labelled with the patient label
  • Labelled prescriptions are sorted by the individual patient into separate bins
  • Patient prescriptions are transported to a bagging station and bagged.

High volume

IPP-M3 is capable of running at 70 packs per minute and has the capacity to process in excess of 1.7m scripts per annum, or over 5.8m script items per year on a five-day single shift operation.

Order management

The Centred Solutions Order Management System enables orders to be transmitted via customer host systems, using existing interfaces. Data security is our top priority. We use sophisticated encryption technology to ensure data safety at all touchpoints – from transmitting full orders direct from PMR and WMS systems to returning full electronic ASNs in real time to stores.

Quality management

IPP-M3’s smart, integrated, high-resolution vision capability captures each unique order. Images of individual packs are recorded ensuring validation through scan, label, sort and pack. This allows operators and auditors to track each pack at every stage of the process. Operators also visually check each pack using our proprietary QA/QC software, managing any exceptions that need to be relayed to stores.

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