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RapidPakRx adherence strip packager, incorporating universal cartridges and unique built-in vision inspection. No more calibrated cassettes or second processing machine for vision inspection. The small footprint makes it suitable for any retail pharmacy.

Experience the unparalleled, adherence packaging automation technology of the RapidPakRx. No more downtime or errors from filling trays or manual exception stations. RapidPakRx runs 20 ‘smart’ bulk-loaded universal cartridges that dispense all oral solid medications such as gel caps, half tabs, new generics etc without calibration.

RapidPakRx benefits

  • All-in-one design, no separate vision inspection machine
  • Unrivalled flexibility and accuracy
  • Runs 20 ‘smart’ bulk-loaded, universal cartridges simultaneously – dispenses all oral solid medications (including gel caps, half tabs, new generics, etc.)
  • No more manual filling stations for add ins
  • PackCheckRx™ unique three-step*, integrated machine vision verification system
  • ‘On demand’ 10-minute fill cycle
  • Up to 50 single or multi-med pouches/min
  • Positive displacement pouch filling
  • Dynamically adjusting pouch size means fewer consumables
  • Reduced labour
  • Smallest footprint in the industry
  • Less on-hand inventory required.
  • Intelligent software without extravagant pricing

* When Eycon canister filling station is included.

RapidPakRx system specifications

  • Dimensions W=33”/84cm D=18”/46cm H=60”/152.5cm
  • Weight 250 lbs/ 114 kgs
  • Dispensing capacity: 20 new ‘smart’ bulk-loaded universal cartridges
  • Pouch fill rate up to 50 multi-med pouches per minute
  • Communications: ethernet connection to workstation(s) and pharmacy management software
  • Internal temperature/humidity: same as pharmacy space
  • Internal cleanliness: easiest cleaning in the industry
  • Equipment: packager includes: built-in controller, power supplies, 20 ‘smart’ bulk-loaded universal cartridges
  • Workstation: PC, monitor, biometric fingerprint reader, keyboard, mouse
  • Verification: unique integrated machine vision verification system, includes final pouch machine vision verification
  • Software: proprietary software and firmware

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