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Oct 11, 2022 Louise Laban

Introducing our manual, scalable hub and spoke solution.

There is a way to move towards a hub and spoke solution today without needing to find the investment for a fully automated solution. Sales and Marketing Director, Louise Laban, explains more....

Every pharmacy environment is different, that’s why we designed the FLOWRx suite with pharmacists at the heart of our thinking and install each solution to fit with every pharmacy’s different needs.

You may be considering moving to a hub and spoke model but may not currently have the volumes or capital required to put in place an automated hub. Well, the good news is you can still absolutely move to a hub and spoke model today without needing to opt for a fully automated solution.

We are here to partner with you and support your growth ambitions and that is exactly why we offer a manual version of FLOWRx Hub. This option is perfect for smaller groups of pharmacies or those who don’t currently have significant volumes of items.

The beauty of the manual solution is that it will allow you to free up capacity enough to start growing your business in terms of the services you can offer and also footfall and prescription numbers. And then when you are ready you can scale up and either double your manual line or move to the fully automated solution should you wish to.

The manual version of our FLOWRx Hub works in exactly the same way as our automated version, you just label patient packs manually rather than with an automated labeling unit (ALU). Once labelled, RFID LED Smart Shelves guide the operator to sort the right medication into patient-specific baskets. You can then choose to automate the bagging or packing of medication by patient or leave this as a manual process too. Our software will then use barcode technology to sort patient medication bags into store specific totes.

So how do you know a manual FLOWRx Hub is the right option for you and your business? Well a number of factors need to be considered but as a general rule of thumb the following examples would be a good place to start:

Single manual hub: Servicing somewhere between 3 and 8 stores and processing 8,000 items per month with an 80/20% split for repeat prescriptions and walk ins.

Double manual hub: Servicing over 8-17 stores and processing 8,000 items per month with an 80/20% split for repeat prescriptions and walk ins.

Obviously there are many more elements to take into account and we work closely with every prospective customer to understand the details of their business, workflows and goals before providing any proposal.

As a starting point to our conversation we invite you to use our solution estimator which will allow you to start discovering which FLOWRx solution could best suit you. All you need to do is answer six short questions. Why not discover the future of your pharmacy today?




Published by Louise Laban October 11, 2022
Louise Laban