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Affordable and Scalable Hub and Spoke Dispensing Solutions

Hub and Spoke Solutions For All Pharmacies



We offer a range of hub and spoke repeat dispensing technology including pharmacy robots, systems and medication software which will make your pharmacy more efficient so you can spend more time with patients.

This scalable and affordable hub and spoke technology can work for a group with as little as three branches or even single stores with high-volume items. Hub and spoke dispensing is no longer only an option for the largest pharmacy groups – that’s simply no longer the case.

Our pharmacy technology allows pharmacies to start small and grow the solution over time. This pharmacy automation can be coupled with in-store pharmacy software which provides pharmacy branches with full visibility, creates further efficiencies in store and adds a valuable safety net to the dispensing process.

FLOWRx Products for Your Own Hub

FLOWRx Connect
By connecting and directing multiple patient and prescription orders from your PMR to your pharmacy hub, warehouse and/or wholesaler, FLOWRx Connect enables the production and receipt of patient-specific Flow Totes.

FLOWRx Manual Hub
Our starter hub and spoke solution that can grow with you. It is a fully integrated and semi-automated pharmacy workflow and fulfilment platform. pharmacies can free up enough capacity to start growing their businesses and spend more time on delivering private services and patient care.

FLOWRx Auto Hub
A fully integrated and automated pharmacy workflow and fulfilment platform. It optimises the process of repeat prescription dispensing for pharmacies wanting to create a dispensing hub or warehouse or wanting to fully automate or grow an existing hub.

FLOWRx InStore 
FLOWRx InStore connects your pharmacy to your pharmacy hub and allows you to receive bagged medications efficiently with the ability to top up, if needed, in store. As well as supporting your workflow, this solution improves accuracy and helps pharmacists and pharmacy staff spend more time with patients.

How our Automation Solutions Can Support Your Pharmacy

Pharmacy time is currently monopolised by the dispensing process. It accounts for 88% of a pharmacist’s time in an average store. On average 70% of time spent on the dispensing process is dealing with repeat prescriptions for original pack medication.

Embracing hub and spoke dispensing technology which automates or semi-automates the original pack dispensing process will be crucial to the success of pharmacy services in the future. Our technology can save an average pharmacy up to 4 hours 27 minutes per day per store.  

A range of financing options are available for all of our hub and spoke solutions, meaning you can start your hub and spoke journey today without having to pay for it upfront. 

Hub and Spoke Benefits


Save Money

Our just-in-time integrated technology could mean a reduction in stock holding by up to 40% and improve stock control.

Free Up Time

Reduce the amount of time staff spend performing manual, redundant and administrative tasks.

Reduce Errors

Manual tasks can introduce potential for errors and inefficiency.  Our platform narrows those gaps for a more continuous, safer and traceable automated workflow.
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Drive Revenue

Automation enables the pharmacist and pharmacy staff to spend more time face to face with patients on clinical work, services and improve patient care.