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FlowRX InStore

Improve visibility with the hub, simplify the in store receiving process and pick top up items from your local pharmacy shelves

FLOWRx InStore connects your pharmacy to your pharmacy hub and allows you to receive bagged medications efficiently with the ability to top up, if needed, in store.

This solution simplifies and speeds up the dispensing process, reduces workload, improves accuracy and helps pharmacists and pharmacy staff spend more time with patients. 


FLOWRx InStore Pharmacy Management

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Medications received from the hub are delivered to pharmacies labeled and packed in patient-specific bags.

Between 70-80% of medications for repeat prescriptions are typically fulfilled by a pharmacy hub.  With FLOWRx InStore the remaining exceptions can be quickly topped up directly from local pharmacy shelves or fridges. Once picked, exception items are scanned, labeled and ready to pack. Exceptions are then combined with the patient’s other medications received from the hub to complete the order.

The process starts at the pharmacy store with orders processed as normal on the PMR. The pharmacist does the clinical and accuracy check up front before placing the order with the hub. The hub then processes the order and sends bagged and labeled medication back to the store in a tote box.

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Benefits Of FlowRx InStore


Save money

Our just-in-time integrated technology could mean a reduction in stock holding by up to 40% and improve stock control.


Free up time

Reduce the amount of time staff spend performing manual, redundant and administrative tasks.


Reduce errors

Manual tasks can introduce potential for errors and inefficiency.  Our platform narrows those gaps for a more continuous, safer and traceable automated workflow.


Drive revenue

Automation enables the pharmacist and pharmacy staff to spend more time face to face with patients on clinical work, services and improve patient care.

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