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Dispense Directly From The Wholesaler To The Store

Wholesaler to Store Tote Dispensing

Cost per item


For pharmacies looking to dispense offsite but who don’t feel ready to move to their own hub and spoke model, we recommend exploring the wholesaler-to-store model of dispensing. This model allows pharmacies to streamline their operations by receiving medications directly from wholesalers and dispensing them at their own locations.

Pharmacy automation software exists to let you put in place a central pharmacy dispensing model for your repeat original packs without the need for the capital outlay required for a hub and spoke model. With automation, pharmacies can efficiently manage inventory, reduce errors, and improve overall dispensing processes, enhancing both efficiency and patient care.

FLOWRX Tote2Spoke Solution


Our Tote2Spoke(TM) solution allows you to work in partnership with a wholesaler or warehouse. They can batch pick medication on your behalf and deliver it back to your store in patient-specific FLOW Totes.

The innovative software operates in the pharmacy, managing patient medication from a wholesaler or warehouse. It allows you to scan, label, and sort medications directly from the Flow Tote into patient-specific baskets with no need to unpack onto shelves.

Revolutionise prescription dispensing with Centred Solutions.

This pharmacy solution is ideal for smaller groups of pharmacies, stand-alone pharmacies or pharmacies with low medication volumes who are looking for a way to make efficiencies within their dispensing process to free up time for more patient-facing services.

Our wholesaler-to-store solution will revolutionise your repeat prescription dispensing process in-store by allowing you to dispense directly from the delivery tote. This will mean a reduction in stockholding and less time spent putting stock away on your shelves only for it to be re-picked. Barcode scanning will provide an additional safety net reducing the risk of error meaning you can be sure of right dose, right drug, right patient.

We are working with a range of wholesalers to provide this solution.