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Mar 27, 2020 admin

Centred Solutions and the Coronavirus

The unprecedented impact of the coronavirus is having far-reaching effects around the world. We want to reassure all of our customers and partners that Centred Solutions is doing everything it can to support the healthcare workers that are providing critical care to those who have fallen ill.

We will continue to operate through the crisis and are following official guidance on how to stay safe and avoid becoming infected or spreading infection. All of our team are now working remotely and we are limiting customer contact and on-site visits to essential work only.

Our automated pharmacy systems reduce the number of people required for dispensing and enable operators to maintain a safe distance from each other. By quickly and accurately dispensing large quantities of vital medicines into the supply chain, Centred Solutions will continue to play its part in helping hospitals and pharmacies get medications to their patients when and where they are most needed.

In the meantime, we urge all our customers to keep safe and wish you good health while we look forward to the day we can all return to normal working relations.


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Published by admin March 27, 2020