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Oct 17, 2021 admin

Reimagining pharmacy dispensing with new FLOWRx range

Centred Solutions has launched its new FLOWRx range of scalable pharmacy dispensing and automation products to make the benefits of hub dispensing affordable and accessible for all UK pharmacies.  

The FLOWRx range is made up of three integrated solutions - FLOWRx Connect, FLOWRx Hub and FLOWRx Store. Pharmacies can choose to automate as much or as little as needed and scale up as they grow dispensing volumes. The system can work with any PMR, WMS, robotic storage and dispensing system, wholesaler or a combination of supply sources. Its smart workflow process is designed to boost revenue by releasing more time for patient care and services, save money by reducing stockholding and improve safety by eliminating manual errors. 

“Our goal is to reduce the time pharmacy staff spend on dispensing so they can focus on patients, acutes with the greatest needs, face-to-face services and improved clinical care. We have redesigned the dispensing workflow around what pharmacy needs right now and in the future.  We want to get independent pharmacists out from behind the dispensary spending time on providing face to face patient care and services. Pharmacists are highly trained clinicians who should be using their hard earned training, skills and experience directly with patients,” said Paul O’Hanlon, Managing Director at Centred Solutions.

FLOWRx Connect integrates PMRs to hubs, warehouses and wholesaler systems to drive smarter dispensing workflows. It enables the production and receipt of patient-specific 'FLOW Totes' and controls the entire process from order management to complete labelled and bagged prescriptions and matches ordered medications with drug package data in the warehouse and order systems. All relevant medication and patient data required is recorded for audit and regulatory purposes.

FLOWRx Hub is a fully integrated workflow, fulfilment and automation platform that optimises and accelerates the process of repeat prescription dispensing for pharmacies wanting to create or automate a dispensing hub. Custom-made solutions are built to fit operational needs and state-of-the-art robotic technology labels, sorts, bags and totes original packs for patient prescriptions accurately and at speed. Barcode and RFID technology ensures full end-to-end tracking and recording at every stage and can process patient specific 'FLOW Totes'.

FLOWRx Store operates in the pharmacy, managing patient medication from a wholesaler or warehouse. It can also connect to a pharmacy hub and receive bagged medications to be topped up in store. FLOWRx Store helps to pack and complete items from the tote and pick top-up items off pharmacy shelves quickly and efficiently, simplifying and speeding up the dispensing process.

The FLOWRx range is the result of many years of applied expertise at Centred Solutions, developing new ways to improve pharmacy workflow. The range joins the company’s existing line up of smart tools and service support solutions already installed in hub and spoke operations at leading multiples and independents across the country. 

Published by admin October 17, 2021