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Jul 19, 2022 Paul O'Hanlon

Hub & Spoke Dispensing Tech on the Rise Across Independent & Multiples

A growing number of independent and multiple pharmacies are getting ahead of the game and turning to hub and spoke models for repeat prescription dispensing.

Centred Solutions, experts in hub and spoke technology, states it has seen significant growth in the uptake of the model over the last six months with pharmacies investing in automation and becoming early adopters ahead of the proposed legislation changes.

Managing Director, Paul O’Hanlon, said groups including Paydens Pharmacy, Medipharmacy and Pearl Chemist were among those already using variations of the FLOWRx Hub automated solution in centralised dispensing facilities where medication is dispensed for the pharmacy spokes.

“Having seen that affordable and accessible options do exist and the benefits hub and spoke can bring, we’ve seen a significant increase in interest from both independent and multiples, with a number already signing up to invest in FLOWRx technology,” explains Mr O’Hanlon.

The New hub & Spoke Deals 

  • Lalys Pharmacy in Portsmouth who will be using the manual hub solution to service its 12 stores.
  • Peak Pharmacy group who will put in place a two phased approach, starting with a manual hub before then moving to a bespoke software solution.
  • Sigcare who will be putting in a manual hub to provide medication for its customers.
  • AR Pharmacy who will be putting in place a fully automated hub solution for its busy Southampton store.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that this flurry of new orders has come in at around the same time as the hub and spoke consultation. It’s great to see pharmacy getting ahead of the game and looking beyond the Department of Health impact assessment to discover that you don’t need to be one of the larger pharmacy groups to benefit from a hub and spoke model” explains Mr O’Hanlon.

“The beauty of our solution is that it is scalable so customers can implement it in stages at a relatively low cost. Taking the first step on the journey is enough to impact and grow your business, freeing up capital to then invest in the next level of automation. There really are options our there for everyone, that will allow pharmacy to automate dispensing and operate more efficiently.”

Centred Solutions launched its suite of FLOWRx products at last year’s Pharmacy Show. They include:

FLOWRx Connect:

Supply chain and PMR integration software that manages the transmission of products required from the warehouse to process the fulfilment of patient specific totes for requested patient orders.



Centralised hub solution which enables pharmacy to pick, label, sort and pack prescription orders into patient bags and totes to dispatch back to pharmacy spokes. Available as manual, automated single line or automated double line.


FLOWRx InStore:

Pharmacy workflow software platform installed at the pharmacy spoke to send information to FLOWRx Hub and process completed totes when they are received back from the pharmacy hub.  Also manages exceptions and updates the PMR with final dispensing information.


Hub & Spoke Solutions by Centred Solutions 

At Centred Solutions, we offer a range of pharmacy automation software to support your pharmacy. Whether you are a standalone pharmacy that could benefit from your own mini hub or you need support managing patient medication from a wholesaler or warehouse, we have the solution for you. 

Contact us today to arrange a demonstration of any of our products.

Published by Paul O'Hanlon July 19, 2022
Paul O'Hanlon