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Mar 07, 2022 admin

Paydens Pharmacy Group  introduce FLOWRx Repeat Dispensing Hub tech

Centred Solutions, the leading provider of repeat prescription technology and automation, has partnered with Paydens Pharmacy Group to provide them with the latest pharmacy hub and spoke solution. Their partnership will transform the way the group dispenses repeat prescriptions - enabling pharmacy staff to spend more time delivering services and improving patient care whilst also driving efficiencies and reducing errors.

Currently, repeat prescriptions are picked, labelled and sorted for dispensing manually by staff across all the branches. This can lead to the pharmacies purchasing and holding surplus stock as well as significantly impacting the time skilled staff have available for face to fa patient care. Once the new hub technology is installed, staff in the branches will no longer have to spend hours administering and dispensing repeat prescriptions. Pharmacies will instead receive labelled, sorted and bagged patient prescriptions straight from the hub ready to be collected by the patient in the spoke pharmacy.

Paydens Group is an independent family-owned company established in 1969. They operate 113 pharmacies across the South-East of England. As one of the first multiple pharmacies to embrace centralised dispensing in the UK, the project will begin in April with the first 5 – 10 branches introducing the new system before full roll out to the group.

Alexander Pay, Managing Director of Paydens said:

“Paydens is committed to improving healthcare by seeking new ways of working and adapting to the future. As an independent group we are able to respond quickly and make the right decisions for our teams and patients and we welcome the way that community pharmacy is evolving to become more focused on delivering services. Investing in new technology is key to making this happen and we believe that by taking this step it will enable our highly skilled, professional staff to provide an even better service to our communities”.

The FlowRx product range is the result of many years of applied expertise at Centred Solutions developing new ways to improve pharmacy workflow.

Paul O’Hanlon, Managing Director of Centred Solutions commented: “We are thrilled to be forging this partnership with Paydens. It will be a true demonstration of how innovative technology can positively impact safety, drive efficiency and enable pharmacy professionals to spend more time on what matters most – face to face patient care. We look forward to beginning this journey with Paydens and inspiring other pharmacies across the UK and beyond to consider the value of our technology and what it can bring to a pharmacy business, whether that be a large pharmacy chain or single independent pharmacy looking for ways to improve their dispensing efficiency to release time for service delivery.”

The FlowRx product range is made up of three integrated solutions - FlowRx Connect, FlowRx Hub and FlowRx InStore. Pharmacies can choose to automate as much or as little as needed and scale up as they grow dispensing volumes. The system can work with most PMRs, WMS, robotic storage and dispensing systems, wholesalers or a combination of supply sources. The smart workflow process is designed to boost revenue by releasing more time for patient care and services, save money by reducing stockholding and improve safety by eliminating manual errors.

John McConville, Paydens Director of Pharmacy, adds: “Introducing a groupwide automated hub solution is an exciting step forward for Paydens. We are confident that this partnership will relieve the enormous pressure that our pharmacy teams are under. Our pharmacy staff are true professionals who work on the frontline of healthcare and who want to work at the very top of their license. Reducing the time they spend on administrative tasks will enable them to focus on their patients and provide the very best services they can”.

Todd Siegel, Founder of Centred Solutions concluded “Pharmacists are navigating a new and more demanding healthcare landscape, it’s increasingly more important for them to understand and embrace the technology they need to help them succeed and thrive. Early adopters of our hub technology should be commended for their forward thinking and innovation. These decisions will transform the future landscape for pharmacies and cement their vital position as frontline healthcare provider for patients with wide ranging health needs”.

Published by admin March 7, 2022